Astraeus MGRover
Telephone 07749914749

Located in Tayport, Fife- 4 Miles from Dundee

Servicing and repairs to your MG Rover by an enthusiast.
Have your car treated by someone that cares about these cars. Servicing available evenings and weekends.
  1. Auto Fluid Change
    Auto Fluid Change
    It is very important for correct operation that the automatic transmission fluid is changed correctly and correct procedures used. £65 plus fluid
  2. Service
    Fixed price servicing of your V6 MG Rover V6 Including changing of those awkward rear spark plugs! £75 Plus parts
  3. Service
    Fixed Price servicing of your K Series 1.4/1.6/1.8 Including changing of spark plugs £70 Plus Parts
  4. Service
    Fixed Price Servicing of your Diesel 75/MGZT Including changing PCV filter if required £80 Plus Parts
  5. MG(T)F Soft Top
    MG(T)F Soft Top
    Restoration of your MGF/TF soft top. Cleaning/re proofing and colour restoration. Contact me for quote
  6. V6 VIS Motors
    V6 VIS Motors
    Are yours working? These not only affect performance but also MPG! Testing £5 replacement £25 plus parts
  7. Upgrading parts?
    Upgrading parts?
    Bought a new steering wheel? Fitting electric heated seats and discovered no loom? Contact for quote
  8. Cloudy Headlights?
    Cloudy Headlights?
    Have you got cloudy headlights? UV makes the lenses go cloudy but this can be restored without removing lights from car. £60 including labour and materials
  9. Mobile Virtual T4
    Mobile Virtual T4
    Car won't start? I can come to you Diagnostics & Option setting £35 plus mileage allowance Available from 1st January 2016
  10. Something Else?
    Something Else?
    If you do not see what you want doing here contact me to get a quote. I have links with other trusted specialists for work that I cannot undertake.