Astraeus MGRover
Telephone 07749914749

Located in Tayport, Fife- 4 Miles from Dundee

Servicing and repairs to your MG Rover by an enthusiast.
Have your car treated by someone that cares about these cars. Servicing available evenings and weekends.
MG Rover
I have had numerous MG Rovers over the years including Rover 216 Si, Rover 416 Si, Rover SD1 2000, Rover SD1Van den Plas, Rover 45 1.8 auto facelift LPG, Rover 1.8 Auto LPG.
Currently we have Rover 75 V6 2.0 in Moonstone green running on LPG and  an 1.8 MGF
I have been maintaining these myself for many years and know about our cars little quirks.
In my spare time I am a Regional Secretary of Rover 75 & MGZT Owner's Club